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Parent-made new short film on life at Chavagnes, Catholic boarding school for boys

For information on Chavagnes international College: www.chavagnes.org


Another Chavagnes boy heads for Oriel

Iwo Wojcik, an 18-year-old Polish student at Chavagnes International College looks set to establish something of a tradition linking Oriel College, Oxford with his unique Catholic boarding school in France.

Chavagnes bases its educational philosophy on the teachings of the Blessed  John Henry Newman who, before his conversion to Catholicism from Anglicanism, was a Fellow of Oriel College in the University of Oxford.

A former Chavagnes boy (2002-2005), now Father Stephen Morrison, began the latter-day cooperation between Chavagnes and Oriel when he gained a place and then Organ and Academic Scholarships there several years ago.

Then another Oriel man, Father Bede Rowe,  was Chavagnes chaplain from 2010-2014.

And now another successful Chavagnes student begins his studies in French literature at Oriel in October. Well done, Iwo!

Double-glazing for the ‘chilly dorms’ of Chavagnes

The boarding school renowned for its back-to-basics approach, Chavagnes International College, was featured on Vatican Radio a few years ago; the journalist then drew attention to its ‘chilly dorms’ …

But now students at Chavagnes will be able to look forward to a cosy winter; double-glazing and extra insulation is being installed in dormitories over the Easter holidays, according to Headmaster Ferdi McDermott.

Chavagnes on Vatican Radio

Triple-bac at Chavagnes : One school is blazing a trail …

One pupil at Chavagnes International College, an international Catholic boarding school for boys hailed as one of the 100 best schools in the world , is blazing a new trail in university matriculation. Its pupils routinely sit the French baccalaureate and English A-levels at the same time, but one of its pupils, 18-year-old Iwo Wojcik from Poland, is aiming to gain the French baccalaureate, UK A-levels and the Polish ‘Matura’ all in one go.

Ambitious Iwo, a keen trumpeter, actor and footballer, has already secured an offer from Oriel College, Oxford to read French this coming autumn.

Last year, Ambroise Julien Laferrière was the first French alumnus of Chavagnes to take up a place at the University of Buckingham, the university which has been top or near top of the National Student Survey (NSS) in student satisfaction every year since 2006. Ambroise picked up UK qualifications in French, Spanish, Religious Studies and Maths plus the French Baccalaureate in Economic Sciences at Chavagnes International College before beginning his degree course in International Business Management.

More information: www.chavagnes.org

Chavagnes newsletters now online

For the latest Chavagnes newsletter:  http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs058/1102549438685/archive/1106407570927.html

For the archives: Chavagnes newsletter archive. Catholic boarding school for boys.

Chavagnes annnounces new development plan

Chavagnes International College, France, a British international curriculum Catholic boarding school for boys, has announced a new development plan for the next five years.

The new initiative, combining internal restructuring of personnel and management with a programme of building works, will be detailed at a meeting for current parents and parents of potential future pupils at the College’s Open Day on Saturday 18th June. For more details visit the Chavagnes website at www.chavagnes.org

Chavagnes will also have a new chaplain from September. Father Bede Rowe, a priest of the Diocese of Clifton, will be taking up the appointment at the end of the forthcoming summer holidays.

English boys school in France beats the credit crunch

Even if UK parents are abandoning the private sector in droves, some Catholic private schools are bucking the trend. One – a British Catholic boys boarding school in France, with fees at half the UK average, has noted a sharp increase in enquiries …

Top private schools have been pricing themselves out of their traditional market for years, caught up in an annual prospectus war, where the schools with the most luxurious facilities generally win hands down.

This has triggered increasing fees, a search for new markets (Korea, Hong Kong and other far-off places), emergency changes of policy (notably the near total abandonment of single sex schooling for boys) …

But one school, a traditional Catholic boarding school for boys set up in France 7 years ago by a group of UK teachers, is sticking to its guns, and feels that the current financial storms might produce a haul of new pupils from disenfranchised middle class families, keen to stay with private education but incapable of keeping up with fees.

Chavagnes International College, near Nantes, has its own full-time chaplain and ten staff, but provides an exclusive education for just 21 boys, aged 11 to 18. They are supported by their local bishop and the local government, but need to run on a very tight budget. All the traditional British public school trimmings are in place: plenty of choral singing and sport, public speaking, theatre, a tiny house system, traditional school uniform, Masters in gowns. But, apart from a small computer suite, Principal Ferdi McDermott rules out ‘the newfangled’; not just because he can’t afford it, but because ‘it gets in the way.’

The school has attracted several members of the French aristocracy who are all great anglophiles, together with some Spaniards, yet it manages to keep its British atmopshere intact. Bilingualism and even trilingualism follow quickly in such an environent, which make modern languages a particular strength for this eccentric but successful school.

Chavagnes follows UK exams, with GCSEs and A-levels, and has already got its pupils into Oxford and a number of other UK, French and US universities. Fees are 15,000 euros per year, with bursaries and scholarships available in some cases.

Private schools in the UK are facing an uncertain future. McDermott thinks we are going to see UK private schools fill up with foreign pupils from far-away places, because of the weak pound, while (bizarrely) an increasing number of UK parents send the children abroad to ‘no frills’ traditional schools like his own.

Source: www.prbuzz.com

Affordable Catholic schools for your children

Catholic boarding schools faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church

For boys: www.chavagnes.org

For girls: www.ecolebonnenouvelle.org

Text from Wikipedia:

Catholic schools are education ministries of the Roman Catholic Church. These schools aim to develop their students through participation in the sacramental life of the Church, study of religion and theology, a full curriculum in secular subjects, and a variety of extracurricular activities. Catholic schools are found in almost every country of the world and have often been the only schools in some parts of the world.

Religion is included in the learning experience, and school uniforms are often a requirement for students. While it is common for Catholic schools to require non-Catholic students to take Catholic religion classes and attend the various religious exercises of the school (except in Muslim nations where this is prohibited by law), a requirement that the student must be Catholic to attend a Catholic school is rare.