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Parent-made new short film on life at Chavagnes, Catholic boarding school for boys

For information on Chavagnes international College: www.chavagnes.org


Catholic boarding schools now on Facebook

https://www.facebook.com/catholicboardingschools is the new FB page for Catholicboardingschools.org

Boarding Schools Are Good for Teenage Boys

http://www.crisismagazine.com/2015/boarding-schools-good-teenage-boys for an article by an American Headmaster on how boarding schools could be just what teenage boys need.

In Europe, visit http://www.chavagnes.org for a Catholic boarding school with similar values and ideals.

Triple-bac at Chavagnes : One school is blazing a trail …

One pupil at Chavagnes International College, an international Catholic boarding school for boys hailed as one of the 100 best schools in the world , is blazing a new trail in university matriculation. Its pupils routinely sit the French baccalaureate and English A-levels at the same time, but one of its pupils, 18-year-old Iwo Wojcik from Poland, is aiming to gain the French baccalaureate, UK A-levels and the Polish ‘Matura’ all in one go.

Ambitious Iwo, a keen trumpeter, actor and footballer, has already secured an offer from Oriel College, Oxford to read French this coming autumn.

Last year, Ambroise Julien Laferrière was the first French alumnus of Chavagnes to take up a place at the University of Buckingham, the university which has been top or near top of the National Student Survey (NSS) in student satisfaction every year since 2006. Ambroise picked up UK qualifications in French, Spanish, Religious Studies and Maths plus the French Baccalaureate in Economic Sciences at Chavagnes International College before beginning his degree course in International Business Management.

More information: www.chavagnes.org

Double Diploma at Chavagnes International College

Congratulations to the two leavers this year at the small but respected Chavagnes International College who are now about to begin university studies.

Maximilian Micallef Eynaud (Chavagnes 2007-2014, their first pupil to complete all 7 years of secondary education at Chavagnes) has now gone to the Delft University of Technology (http://www.tudelft.nl/en/) to study Aerospace Engineering.

Ambroise Julien Laferrière (Chavagnes 2011-2014, and their first pupil to qualify for university with the French baccalaureate and British A-levels) is going to the University of Buckingham (http://www.buckingham.ac.uk/) to study Business and Management.

Well done for securing those places, and we wish you all the best in your studies.

Next year (summer 2015), the school expects 3 boys to sit the French baccalaureate and British A-levels, with 3 more sitting just A-levels.

Boys and Sport at Chavagnes

Chavagnes Catholic school rugby

Chavagnes rugby

Saint Paul, to the Corinthians, has this to say: “Don’t you realise that the runners in the Stadium, all of them run, but only one gets the medal? You are to run in such a way as to win. Everyone who is in athletic training exercises self-control (but they do it to win a medal that will fade away…!); so I am running in such a way as not to be without purpose. When I box, I do it in such a way as not to land my blows on empty air – instead I let my body know who is boss, and I make it my slave… ” (1 Corinthians).

School sport can be an important part of learning to think about important themes for a good life: the desire for excellence, teamwork, self-discipline, generosity, single-mindedness. The truths learnt in the atmosphere of effort and adversity that is created on the sportsfield are lessons that can forge the characters of strong and caring leaders who know about fighting for a cause with a generous and selfless spirit.
The second century St Clement of Alexandria, one of the first Christian teachers to develop a theory of education, underlines what for him are the two main formative benefits of sport: “to aim at not only a healthy habit of body, but courageousness of soul” and also the development of a taste for pushing oneself to one’s limit, not out of pride, but simply out of a desire for excellence, or in Clement’s words: “not for the sake of vainglory, but for the exuding of manly sweat!” (The Pedagogue; Bk III, Ch. 10).
Obviously, COURAGE and EFFORT, once developed as virtues, pay off in exam success in other subjects, and even in the spiritual life, the biggest test of all.

Chavagnes opens ‘Double Diploma’ class : French Bac and A-levels!


Chavagnes International College Students

Chavagnes International College in France is the first school in the world to offer a class with the option of taking British A-levels and the French baccalauréate simultaneously. Other schools have offered hybrid qualifications with double validation between two education systems (French/Spanish; French/German most notably), but Chavagnes has this year a class of 7 boys, 4 of whom will be sitting the French Baccalauréat ES and a selection of British A-levels simultaneously.  The school’s mulitlingual environment, with native teachers of English, French, German and Spanish, makes languages a must for all students.

Most classes are taught in English, but special classes in the medium of French are offered to Bac candidates in Philosophy, French, Economics and History.

This coming June, the top class (Year 13/ Terminale), with just two students, includes one Frenchman who will sit the Bac, 3 A-levels and 1 AS-level; plus a Maltese student who will have taken 7 subjects at AS, moving on to 4 at A-level.

For more information, visit www.chavagnes.org

St Edmund’s College is “good”

St Edmund’s College, Ware, Hertfordshire, has been hailed as “good” in its recent OFSTED report.  This is the equivalent of a “B+” from the official state inspection service whose top grade is “OUTSTANDING”.  Reading between the lines, it seems that there was nothing wrong with the education on offer or the pastoral care. Inspectors were just a little snooty about the lack of modernised facilities in some parts of the historic school. More details in the local paper.

Chavagnes annnounces new development plan

Chavagnes International College, France, a British international curriculum Catholic boarding school for boys, has announced a new development plan for the next five years.

The new initiative, combining internal restructuring of personnel and management with a programme of building works, will be detailed at a meeting for current parents and parents of potential future pupils at the College’s Open Day on Saturday 18th June. For more details visit the Chavagnes website at www.chavagnes.org

Chavagnes will also have a new chaplain from September. Father Bede Rowe, a priest of the Diocese of Clifton, will be taking up the appointment at the end of the forthcoming summer holidays.

Living with the martyrs in a Catholic school

St. Edmund’s College, a small Catholic boarding school in Ware, England, is full of history. Not the usual type of history at the usual high school. St. Edmund’s actually traces its history back to 1586 and the founding of the English College at Douay, France. Cardinal William Allen started the college in order to educate young Catholics not allowed to exercise their religion under the harsh laws of Elizabeth I, who reigned from 1558 to 1603 …

for more on this , see: http://catholicexchange.com/2010/11/26/28810/