Parent-made new short film on life at Chavagnes, Catholic boarding school for boys

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Another Chavagnes boy heads for Oriel

Iwo Wojcik, an 18-year-old Polish student at Chavagnes International College looks set to establish something of a tradition linking Oriel College, Oxford with his unique Catholic boarding school in France.

Chavagnes bases its educational philosophy on the teachings of the Blessed  John Henry Newman who, before his conversion to Catholicism from Anglicanism, was a Fellow of Oriel College in the University of Oxford.

A former Chavagnes boy (2002-2005), now Father Stephen Morrison, began the latter-day cooperation between Chavagnes and Oriel when he gained a place and then Organ and Academic Scholarships there several years ago.

Then another Oriel man, Father Bede Rowe,  was Chavagnes chaplain from 2010-2014.

And now another successful Chavagnes student begins his studies in French literature at Oriel in October. Well done, Iwo!

Support for boarding schools has stabilised

According to Nick Morrison in The Telegraph, support for boarding schools has stabilised at arounf 68,000 pupils; and the nulber is now on the increase.

Part of this, Morrison claims, is due to an improvement in extra-cirricular activities on offer, and also because busy parents find boarding can be a better solution than having children at home with insufficient parental input due to hectic to work schedules.

Parents’ views about boarding

The Telegraph has the above article on changing attitudes to boarding.

Double-glazing for the ‘chilly dorms’ of Chavagnes

The boarding school renowned for its back-to-basics approach, Chavagnes International College, was featured on Vatican Radio a few years ago; the journalist then drew attention to its ‘chilly dorms’ …

But now students at Chavagnes will be able to look forward to a cosy winter; double-glazing and extra insulation is being installed in dormitories over the Easter holidays, according to Headmaster Ferdi McDermott.

Chavagnes on Vatican Radio

Problems with co-education, and schools on a learning curve …

As this Daily Telegraph Journalist shows, the learning curve of schools that have turned ‘co-ed’ (taking boys and girls) has been a steep one:

The article alludes to the sad outcome of a too close relationship between boys and girls at school, which is the mistreatment of girls by boys ‘just looking to have fun’ and the untold tale of schoolgirl abortions, which can then scar a young woman for life.

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ISBC Annual Conference in Cape Town

The International Boys’ Schools Coalition Conference 2015 takes place in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA from 7 – 10 July 2015.  More details:

Archbishop hauled before the courts for trying to keep his schools Catholic

To find out about the heroic fight of San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone  to keep his schools Catholic read this:


Students at Chavagnes International College

Students at Chavagnes International College

Chavagnes International College :

Real Catholic education for boys.