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Understanding boys

Schools are not succeeding in capturing the imagination and energy of many boys. Too many boys feel that school is a combination of a hostile authority and meaningless tasks. And governments are concerned because schools are not imparting to many boys the values governments wish them to learn – such as productivity, citizenship and helping the community. Boys and men at risk cost the community in road deaths, suicides and broken families. Men are 90 per cent of the people kept at great cost in prisons. Likewise, the vast majority of school suspensions and expulsions and slow achievers are boys.



Chavagnes one of Europe’s best schools

Property Guides, the European relocation experts, list Chavagnes International College among Europe’s twenty best schools:

Chavagnes International College is the leading European Catholic boarding school for boys, educating young gentlemen through the medium of English and preparing them for UK university entrance, including Oxford an Cambridge.



Students at Chavagnes International College

Students at Chavagnes International College

Chavagnes International College :

Real Catholic education for boys.

Boys who like to make stuff

Boys like to learn through action, creation, putting things to the test …